At Commissarius Christmas you can read about what the Danes deal with in their spare time. In a busy and stressful day it is important to have fun. The majority of various leisure activities are both entertaining and healthy. The question is whether you know all the details behind life’s small and great joys. You can at least come to this on this page.

Why is Commissioner Jyl?

Commissioner is an older addition to the dictionary. It covers different kinds of officials in Denmark. It can for example. be an official in charge of state expropriations. In our case, we are the Commissioner for Jutland itself and the rest of Denmark. We are your official and are at your service to provide you with useful tips for everyday life.

At the Commissioner on a wide range of entertainment. We will share information that backs Einstein’s theory that wise people never get bored. There is plenty to cope with, and therefore you can read articles with reviews and advice for daily everyday life here on the site. The reviews are not just our subjective attitude as to why it, for example. is fun to take a walk. In almost all cases, the contents of the reviews are backed up by surveys about the Danes’ habits.

Entertainment can be anything from movies to sports to other hobbies. Every week we publish new articles that tell about the benefit of different brain training activities. For example, it may be about the benefits of multiple variants of both physical and creative activities. No matter if you are looking for advice on how to make time for yourself or if you are looking for inspiration to create memorable moments with friends, boyfriend and family, you are in the right place!